When geeks become fathers

The Trixie Update is an obsessive baby blog about a little nine month old named Trixie. They (it seems to be mostly the dad who’s doing all the posting) record all kinds of data, things you might wonder about as a parent, but when on earth would you bother to collect the data? For instance: how long will one thousand diapers last? Answer: three and a half months. The sleep log is particularly interesting. They know total amount of milk consumed yesterday (32.7 ounces), and the number of minutes since last diaper change. It just goes on and on! The spectacle of Milk Week alone is worth the price of admission.

Ben MacNeill, the man behind the site, is even releasing software so that you too can obsessively track your baby’s every poop and pee: the Trixie Tracker.

If he can do this much with an infant child, he must have moved worlds before he had a kid.

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  1. Julie was just going over some materials the nursing school gave her for new mothers. She pointed out a chart they recommend to track a newborn’s feeding schedule. When she asked, “Who would ever do this?”, I had to show her The Trixie Tracker.

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