Look at all them shopping carts!

Very simple and nicely designed, 300 Images From 1800 Sites has a clip-art-ish collection of icons gathered from sites all over the web. The juxtaposition of, say, 87 shopping carts makes a lovely little magpie shell collection… so many designers struggling to be original in a tiny 16-by-16 pixel space! You can almost hear the conversations: “Can you punch up that tiny mail envelope icon so it looks a little more edgy, so it’s all floaty and fast with a little dangerous-looking zing to it? Like this would be the envelope your parents wouldn’t let you date, you know, but not in a scary way? Could you do that by tomorrow? Thanks!”

Question: can you spot the ugly Amazon shopping cart?

3 thoughts on “Look at all them shopping carts!”

  1. Just when I think odd-strange has finally given way (from sheer lack of material) to edgy-cool my faith in human-kind is refreshed.

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