Comment spam be gone

I’m trying out some new anti-spam software called MT-Keystrokes. It’s got some JavaScript magic to determine whether or not you’re a bot when you create your feedback. Dealing with comment spam has gotten to be a real chore lately. It’s truly amazing how much of it there is. It all gets moderated automatically by MT-Blacklist, which is a great step forward by itself, but I still have to go scoop all the paste out of the rotors every now and again, and that’s a pain.

Incidentally, you might think that pornography is the number one spam item, but actually, far and away the biggest single topic is poker. After that it’s prescription drugs, and only then do you start getting into the incest, bondage, and whatnot. The quantity has increased a lot lately (over and above quantities that boggled my mind heretofore). So I’m trying this new technique, since it’s got the Jay Allen (of MT-Blacklist fame) seal of approval.

So let me know if you have any comment problems. Just don’t post comments about… you know… whatnot.

4 thoughts on “Comment spam be gone”

  1. hmm .. either there’s a delay in the posting of comments these days or I’m falling into some other word traps as well



  2. argh! Ned, your spam filter is eating all my attempts to tell a funny story, and most of my attempts at talking about my attempts to tell a funny story!


    *tearing out my hair* .. oh, wait, it’s far too late for that

    *making obscure rubbing motions at what is left of my hair*

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