Interview with Dr.

On the Rands In Repose site I found this short interview with Joshua Schachter, the clever fellow behind the juggernaut. It’s a brief picture of someone who comes across as a laid-back slacker dude made good. He’s not looking for money. He has a day job (Late-breaking NEWSFLASH: not anymore). He made for himself and, hey! it’s pretty cool that 30,000 other people really like it too. I’m sure he’s more hard-driving than he sounds, given what he’s accomplished, but the really encouraging part of the story to me is the magnitude of what one clever person with limited resources can do. This is what makes our age a constant wonder… the unlocking of talent all over the world. And what about that goofy name? Here’s what he has to say about it.

I somewhat regret using the domain name, because it’s almost impossible to discuss or verify without sounding silly. I’ll probably have to rename it at some point, presumably as something ending in -ster or -zilla or whatever.

Whatever, man. Slacker slackers are lame, but Mover-shaker slackers like Schachter (even when they ironically tweak their interviewers) are my heroes. You go, dude!

After reading the interview, I was poking around the rest of the Rands in Repose site and I was rewarded with this gemstone. It is my gift to you today: Mahnamahna.

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