Comment spam, Akismet, and WordPress

One of the reasons I abandoned Movable Type for WordPress was an out-of-control comment spam problem. As I said when I first made the move, solutions for this problem do exist for Movable Type, but they were too much work for me to get them tuned properly. When you spend even a small amount of time every single week mucking out the spam, eventually you realize it will never ever stop.

I’ve learned never to be against spammers, but the problem, for now, appears to be solved, for which I am truly grateful. Akismet is the name of the technology available to WordPress users. I have no idea how it works, but it does work amazingly well. Now I can just look at the amount of spam it’s deflected every now and then and gasp at the amount. Here’s my current total for the last few months.


My mental image for the internet now is a ceaseless hammering hail of nearly pure spam packets with a barely-detectable taint of useful information. As with an antarctic blizzard, even a short trip outside the firewall without your protective spamsuit on would be fatally short.

None of this is news anymore, but I was moved to post on this topic once more by this remarkably compact piece of spam poetry.

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I appreciated the compliment on my design, though I was a little disturbed that the subject of irritable bowels came so quickly to mind thereafter. My apologies, but I seem to have misplaced the URL whereby you could follow up on these tempting items.

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