PC Backups with Mozy

As a follow-up to a post I made in January about inexpensive backup tools, I thought I would mention that I’m now using Mozy and find it to work really well. Shortly after I posted about Jungle Disk, a couple of people (Rick at work and my cousin Peter) told me about a New York Times article in which David Pogue recommended Mozy: Fewer Excuses For Not Doing A PC Backup. It’s not nearly as cheap as Jungle Disk, but it’s cheap enough for me and it’s definitely lower hassle. And now that I’ve been using it for a few months, I can testify that it works. I’ve already used it to retrieve a recording that iTunes threw away. Actually I have no idea how the file got lost, but I’m feuding with iTunes so I prefer to blame it for the loss. The point is that Mozy got it back for me and all was made well.

At long last I can sleep the peaceful sleep of a man whose computer is regularly and automatically backed up. Now I just need to defragment my hard drive, change the oil in my car, do my taxes, paint the basement, refinish the bookshelf, upgrade my earthquake insurance, train for the modern pentathlon, re-install the AE-35 antenna stabilization unit, and touch base with Martha Stewart about the announcement of our upcoming book on Hand-Woven Peruvian Reed Easter Baskets.

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