A town called Tambo

My niece Julia is in Tambo. Tambo is a small town in western Queensland, Australia. How small is it? Well, by my count, 12 or 14 city blocks just about accounts for the whole thing.

Tambo, Queensland

Wikipedia puts the population at 350, so maybe with Julia it’s 351. It is situated on the banks of the Barcoo River, which, as Mark Twain said of the Arno, would be a “very plausible river if they would pump some water into it.” Tourism has replaced the sheep business as a primary source of income. According to About Australia, one of things to admire in Tambo is the Tambo Teddies Workshop where you can “see the sheep skin teddy bears.” An impressive, if sordid, task for sheep to undertake. I don’t wonder that it brings in the crowds.

But there’s nothing wrong with being small, and Tambo looks like a very well-kept place. I know this because I drove around it courtesy of Google Maps Street View, which, astonishingly, has been there and will show you around. Here, for example, is the establishment where Julia works.

If you want to know more about Tambo, read all about it on Julia’s blog.

3 thoughts on “A town called Tambo”

  1. So Google Maps has Street View in Tambo, and at places like this:
    And yet somehow my neighborhood in a little town you might have heard of, called Boston, does not have Street View. Incredible.

  2. I’m impressed by the boulevards in Tambo. I guess it might be a nice place to live if they had more rain.

  3. Totally cool. I should have gone to you first. My research into Tambo just made me even more panicky than “going to a town of 300 twelve hours into the outback to work as a pub girl” did. e.g. the wild dog fence surrounding the town.

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