Tower climbing

I love the helmet cam. It lets you piggyback along with somebody who’s doing something insane that you would never do. And it’s small and cheap, so no big documentary budget or film crew is required. That means we get to (vicariously) go all kinds of nutty places.

I admit it’s entertaining to watch, from the safety of my Aeron chair, as adrenaline junkies jump off cliffs. But those are crazy unemployed twenty year olds. The great thing about this next video is that it shows you somebody doing their job. And it’s so marvelously underplayed that I wanted to give them a hug. No EXTREME SUPER HYPERBOLE!!! No fist-pumping rock music. Just this: two guys climbing a tower ‘cuz that’s what they do.

Hey, I’ll tell you what… you go on up. I think I got something in my shoe. I’ll just wait down here. Next to my planet.

My favorite line: Now we’ve reached the base of the antenna. From here it’s just another 60 feet to the top! Left unsaid: … which you reach by crawling up a broomstick swaying above the sucking void of certain death.

5 thoughts on “Tower climbing”

  1. You have to be kidding me.

    I actually got vertigo watching that. You know, while sitting in my chair in front of my computer with both feet on the ground.

  2. It’s the fish-eye lens that does it! I had to look away a couple times to compose myself for the rest of the ascent. I understand the helmet in case you bonk your head in the cage at the beginning of the climb, but up at the top it looks a bit ineffective as a personal safety device. How come the Trollveggenfolk get parachutes and the tower workers don’t?!

  3. I really like the fact that it had levels, like a game. Just when you think you’re near the top, you have to transition to some new and more demented means of ascent. And at the very top he says: “Now for the tricky part… getting on top!”

    Dude, it all looked pretty tricky to me.

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