Hic sunt (Martian) dracones

Some people have the explainer bug. They just can’t stop themselves from explaining what they know to people. Eleanor Lutz, a PhD student at the University of Washington, has a particularly bad case. Not only is she good at explaining things, but she does it a lot, and she even explains how she explains things (as in this helpful and thorough guide to making GIFs).

She got a lot of exposure lately with her very nifty virus trading cards. I saw these and followed them to her site, where I was even more taken by her map of Mars. There are lots of maps of Mars, but this one is laid out as though it was created a few hundred years ago. Lovely old fonts and antique flourishes. Maybe this is the map that Percival “Martian Canals” Lowell would have published if he had only paid for a slightly better telescope.


You can even buy a copy. In fact, I think you should.

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