Get Unrolled

If you use GMail, then I recommend that you also use Unroll.Me. It does some clever management of your folders to keep out the clutter. By clutter, I mean email that is just above the level of spam, but still not worth reading. Unroll.Me helps you either unsubscribe from specific mailings altogether or put them into a special “RollUp” summary message.

Google has attempted to solve this problem with their special Inbox tabs, like Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums. This works well for my wife, but not for me. I turn all those special tabs off. I can barely keep track one mailbox, let alone four or five. Once mail starts getting automatically channeled into another folder or tab, I’ll never see it again. Unroll.Me solves this problem. There is no new special tab to worry about.


Where Unroll.Me really shines is the unsubscribe feature. They keep an exhaustive list of everything you’re subscribed to, and it’s so pleasant to click the big “Unsubscribe” button and be done with Auto Warrant Direct emails forever. Ahhh. Notice that I’ve unsubscribed from 286 different mailings so far. I look at that and smile. I used to spend a good chunk of time trying to find a message’s Unsubscribe link and making sure that it functioned properly. Now it’s somebody else’s problem.

Unroll.Me was recommended to me by word of mouth, and I’m happy to pass that recommendation along to you.

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