Traps and Parachutes

The prolific Yonatan Zunger pointed me to this page: a cartoon treatment of how an engineer thinks about the ridiculous traps that show up in movies. In it we see a consulting engineer offering practical advice about the Giant Boulder Trap that Indiana Jones must escape in the Raiders of the Lost Ark.


I’ve always believed that Batman was way ahead of the game here. Consider the Bat Turn, in which the speeding Batmobile is slowed by two parachutes before executing a 180 degree turn. The parachutes are released as the Batmobile speeds off. But what happens to the parachutes? This is an engineering consideration. Very pragmatic. And the writers of Batman come through.


There’s a Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service! Did you get that? A Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service! There needs to be such a thing, and the Batman writers put it in. Blessed closure!

Not surprisingly, it’s also a hit with the fans. You can learn how to make your own. Or you can watch this video on the history of Batmobile Parachute Pickup Service.

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